Theater Review, Art Chicago and New American Photography

Theater Review: The Sun is in the West

“Mornings came up purple in that country. The way the sun would come up over the mountains and all. The canyons and the desert. I could watch the sun come up and be certain there were entire worlds I would never know.”

This is the language of a poet, a cemetery groundskeeper, one of four characters in Damon Falke’s play The Sun is in the West. The other three are a photographer, a historian and a bluegrass playing ghost who never speaks. The Sun is in the West is an atmospheric play about the importance of place and the roots of history that bind us together throughout generations. Its also a play about remembering and the importance of sharing and passing down stories.

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Art Dealers Converge on Art Chicago

Thursday night, April 29, was the opening preview for Art Chicago at the Merchandise Mart featuring 150 galleries and dealers from around the world. The Southwest and Rocky Mountain region was well represented by the following:

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New American Photography at Fotofest

Photographing the present as if it were already the past may well be what many photographers aspire to achieve as they look through a camera lens. One may look at photography today, at the never ending number of images made and realize that it has all been done before, someone has seen the eyes of the poor, or the light on a Paris street, the shadows created by waves of sand, the irony in a street sign, or the pair sitting in a cafe. When Aaron Schuman, the editor of SeeSaw magazine realized that photography was not a competition, it shifted his perspective. For him, photography is informative, useful, fun and it engages and enriches his life. It may have been done before, but not in the same way. Not with the eyes of the 21st century photographer. And this, in essence, is what Whatever was Splendid: New American Photographs at the Fotofest Biennial in Houston is all about and what his online magazine represents. The seeing and the seeing something that someone else saw.

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