To sleep, perchance to dream, an ancient life

It was shutting down. Little by little the synapses were going out, like the stars in the sky, twinkling in one moment and imploding in upon them self into nothing. She felt it. She knew each day a few more neurons stopped firing and that she was slowly being transformed from a vibrant, living galaxy into a black hole. She would look at her children one day and not know who they were.

15 Artists at Kirkland Museum Not Radical At All

Art Exhibit at Kirkland Museum, featuring artists who broke with tradition, closed on August 14th. (Originally published on AdobeAirstream in 2011) “The influence of decadent Parisians…Picasso and Cezanne..has even been felt in the West. Santa Fe has been damaged by it and Denver has not wholly escaped the blight… . In Western art, Western literature…