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  • Making a Handmade Difference in Pagosa Springs

    Making a Handmade Difference in Pagosa Springs

    Living in Pagosa Springs, a small town in the San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado, I have participated in lengthy community debates about how to develop our local economy, which is primarily based on tourism. There is lots of talk about importing companies, both small manufacturing and big box retail, as ways to drive growth.…

  • A New Frontier, feature article from Oct/Nov American Craft Magazine

    A New Frontier, feature article from Oct/Nov American Craft Magazine

    Bengt Hokanson and Trefny Dix, buffeted by a tough economy, think they’re in the right place now with their work. BY Leanne Goebel PHOTOGRAPHY BY Douglas Kirkland Third street in Durango, Colorado, dead-ends at the base of a red rock mesa, dotted with piñon and sagebrush. A dirt trail winds its way up from the…

  • Quilting for their Lives

    Quilting for their Lives

    In a remote village in the Thar desert of Pakistan, the women are primarily Hindu in a Muslim country. Not only that, but they are from the bottom of the untouchable caste system. They have very few options in life for what they can do to earn a living. Most of the women are illiterate…

  • Vessels of Light and Color from Arts Perspective Magazine

    Vessels of Light and Color from Arts Perspective Magazine

    Trefny Dix and Bengt Hokanson relocated their glass hot shop to Durango, Colorado. The two fine artists create cast-glass sculptural and mixed media works as well as a line of production blown glass vessels.

  • Theater Review, Art Chicago and New American Photography

    Recent posts from include a Theater Review of The Sun is in the West by Damon Falke, a preview of the galleries from the West and Southwest who attended Art Chicago and an interview with Aaron Schumann the editor of SeeSaw magazine about New American Photography at Fotofest in Houston.

  • “Denver’s First Perplexing Biennial” goes viral

    What do a business man, a sports guy and Bruce Mau all have in commong? Denver’s Biennial of the Americas, which proudly touts itself as a biennial with scientists and thinkers. But what about the art?

  • An Art Fair that’s all about the art? Did hell freeze over?

    The Miami Herald has a fun article on the results of Art Basel. Read it here. And play along by watching the video and trying to guess how much the art costs. Equal parts let’s party while Rome is burning and wait a minute, this art fair circuit is not just about bloated sums of…

  • Mixed results in Miami

    Art Basel, the largest art fair in America ended yesterday in Miami. Results this week will likely be mixed. Some art sold, but much went untouched. Crowds were smaller and some galleries bowed out. Hotels were easier to find. But celebrities were still sighted and parties still happened. According to Reuters, art was down but…

  • Is art the new gold?

    The anxiety continues to build. What will happen at the Frieze art fair? How will the fall auctions go? Does the economic impact on Main Street affect the gallery district? Is art a good investment? And does it really matter? Sarah Thornton writes a great piece in the UK Telegraph here. My favorite comment comes…

  • Armory Expands, Adds Modern art dealers

    The Armory Show will no longer be devoted exclusively to contemporary art. The Armory Show is expanding its current location at Pier 94 to include Pier 92. Pier 92 will be home to The Armory Show–Modern, dedicated to dealers specializing in Modern works. According to The Armory press release: “The Armory Show is known for…