Yosi Sargent, the NEA and that conference call

Neon Tommy has a great interview with Yosi Sargent about his meteoric rise to Communications Director at the NEA and his subsequent downfall at the hand of right-wing extremists.

I posted an opinion about his back in October. Read it here. I said that both sides were wrong and it was time to move on.

Sargent was in over his head and had no immediate supervisor. He became the fall guy and the article tells his side of the story clearly, factually and truthfully.  Definitely worth a read. PR and marketing is not the same as politics and Sargent’s only downfall in the NEA job was that he was not a politician. Not sure downfall is the right word. He did his job admirably, stood up and took responsibility when things went south and is much happier back in L.A.

Maybe our downfall is that politics is far more important than the truth and doing what is right.

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