Yosi Sargent, the NEA and that conference call

Sargent tells his side of the story following his resignation from the NEA.

The NEA was wrong, but so are the Republicans. Let’s move on.

The right may feel the need to tell their followers sitting in a church pew what to do and for whom to vote, but the thing about most creatives is that they are not followers, they don’t fit into molds, they are non-conformists, they are free-spirits. They are going to do their own thing.

The Art Market, Philistinism and the NEA

Art sales figures show interesting declines in the markets. A Feb. 16, 2009 article in The Telegraph stated that Sotheby’s ($5.3 billion) inched ahead of Christie’s ($5.1 billion) in global art sales last year. Both figures, however, are down from the previous year, when Christie’s was ahead by $6.3 billion to Sotheby’s $6.2 billion. “At…