The NEA was wrong, but so are the Republicans. Let’s move on.

The right may feel the need to tell their followers sitting in a church pew what to do and for whom to vote, but the thing about most creatives is that they are not followers, they don’t fit into molds, they are non-conformists, they are free-spirits. They are going to do their own thing.

The Art Market, Philistinism and the NEA

Art sales figures show interesting declines in the markets. A Feb. 16, 2009 article in The Telegraph stated that Sotheby’s ($5.3 billion) inched ahead of Christie’s ($5.1 billion) in global art sales last year. Both figures, however, are down from the previous year, when Christie’s was ahead by $6.3 billion to Sotheby’s $6.2 billion. “At…