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Grammy to Artists: Who killed the music?

Kris Lewis and collaborate with Denver art dealer David B. Smith to co-curate a Grammy visual arts exhibition of 15 artists reflecting on Who Killed the Music? The artists get their chance to call out who, and in turn connect to the new “I Am” scholarship fund.

Colorado Creates new Grant Program

Colorado Council on the Arts replaces a former grant program with a new “Colorado Creates” initiative, as Governor Ritter, before announcing he will not run for re-election, announces three-pronged legislation to support the arts.

In Colorado, Things to Watch in 2010

Leanne culls out as things to watch in 2010: How DAM director Christoph Heinrich will keep working to transform the controversial Hamilton wing through art, and how Colorado will keep nurturing its creative economy while the indie types still get the shortest stick.

Artist’s Try to Embrace DAM

Christoph Heinrich, curator and director of the Denver Art Museum, invited 17 contemporary artists to “embrace” the Daniel Libeskind-designed Hamilton Wing.

Art Attendance Drops in the Mountain Region

A greater percentage of adults attend arts events in the Mountain Region than the US average artgoer, but arts attendance has declined 10 percent in the region between 2002 and 2008. The bright side? Increased participation via technology.

The Greening of Las Vegas

City Center in Las Vegas is touting itself as the largest green and sustainable development in the world. With six LEED-gold certified buildings and an onsite power plant, the development is definitely greener than anything else on the Strip, but sustainable? Not.

Tobin Collection Deals in Theatre

Robert L.B. Tobin left a collection of books, etchings, drawings and maquettes spanning four centuries of European and American theater to the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio. A newly expanded museum houses the riches. Right: Eugene Berman was a Russian Jewish painter and set designer, included in the Tobin Collection.

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