Remembering Robin Rule, Denver Gallery Owner

Robin Rule, the passionate and complicated Denver gallery owner, died of cancer on December 29, 2013, age 55. Her indomitable spirit animated the Denver art world from 1987 to 2013, and her legacy will forever be tied up with the issues of the contemporary art world today in which complex loyalties and the difficulty of…

Kris Lewis at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver

Kris Lewis paints fiction. His portraits are of characters — mysterious, unreal figures often the amalgamation of multiple sources. They are strong, yet fragile; happy, sad, seductive, isolated. There is a story behind each portrait that only the artist knows, but the figures convey an emotion, spark the imagination, and tell a tale that manages to speak universally to each viewer.

Energy Effects and Objectophillia on

Is a Titan IV Stage II rocket engine a work of art? It was designed to fly to Saturn, but never made the journey. How about a B61 Thermonuclear Bomb? According to Adam Lerner and Paul Andersen, curators of Energy Effects: Art and Artifacts from the Landscape of Glorious Excess “nuclear weapons are designed to produce fear, and thereby they are made specifically to prevent their own use.” Try telling that to the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Nude Alterations by Marie M. Vlasic on

Vlasic does more than just capture the likeness of the individual and their essence. Part of her art, is in selecting interesting, unique and fascinating people. She prefers those who have life experience and unusual personalities. “Pretty people aren’t as interesting,” Vlasic said. Another important element of this work is that she has consciously selected poses and images of these that eliminates sexuality from the nude. Her portraits alter their subjects in a way that their tattoos cannot.