Recent artist spotlights from Cowboys & Indians magazine

In the December issue of Cowboys & Indians:


gt-1209-004Artist Spotlight: Tara Roberts

Starting her art career relatively late in life has not slowed Roberts down. “If you love what you do and have a good heart, just do your best,” she advises. “So many people stop too soon. They just give up.” Roberts’ own perseverance has paid off.

Artist Spotlight: Jami Tobey gt-1209-01

Some have described Tobey’s work as loose and impressionistic, but Tobey sees structure and pattern in her landscape paintings, which evoke mosaics and stained glass.

gt-1209-0002Artist Spotlight: K. Henderson

K. Henderson does not set out to paint portraits. Rather, her figurative works are an attempt to capture emotions. “I’m trying to get some sort of reaction from the viewer,” Henderson says.



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2 responses to “Recent artist spotlights from Cowboys & Indians magazine”

  1. Susan Martin Serra Avatar
    Susan Martin Serra


    I’m impressed! This is wonderful! I’ll have to get a copy of the magazine now!



  2. Tiffany Michelle Avatar

    I loved the quote by Tara reminding us of the simple rules of success… “Love what you do, have a good heart and do your best.” Her perseverance in spirit and art are truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing these stories about artists who keep on pursuing their dreams.


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