Trine Bumiller Profile from Art Ltd. Magazine, March/April 2012

Big Bang 2012 Oil on panels, attached 36″x 54″ Photo: courtesy Zg Gallery, Chicago Trine Bumiller’s background in printmaking is evident in her paintings: wood panels combined together like building blocks to create a composite form of square and rectangular shapes. On each panel, a different organic, flat, geometric element suggests nature or botany. The…

The Aspen Zone: Veryl Goodnight’s Inspiration from Arts Perspective

Goodnight and her husband, Roger Brooks, live between the brow of Mesa Verde and the La Plata mountain range, near Helmet Peak. Within a 30-minute drive, Goodnight can explore groves of aspen trees, the headwaters of the La Plata River, the barren alpine tundra above timberline, or the red rock canyons to the south. Herds of elk and deer are abundant, joined by the occasional bear, mountain lion or coyote.