Abstract Angus – Theodore Waddell at Denver Art Museum from adobeairstream.com

Theodore Waddell arrived in New York to study at the Brooklyn Museum Art School in the early 1960s, a decade after abstract expressionists like Jackson Pollock, Clyfford Still and Robert Motherwell began changing the art world. Artists of Waddell’s generation, 10  years into AbEx’s reach and ahead of pop, were either reacting against the theories…

The Aspen Zone: Veryl Goodnight’s Inspiration from Arts Perspective

Goodnight and her husband, Roger Brooks, live between the brow of Mesa Verde and the La Plata mountain range, near Helmet Peak. Within a 30-minute drive, Goodnight can explore groves of aspen trees, the headwaters of the La Plata River, the barren alpine tundra above timberline, or the red rock canyons to the south. Herds of elk and deer are abundant, joined by the occasional bear, mountain lion or coyote.

WPA-Style Posters Reflect Mesa Verde Style from Arts Perspective Magazine

It was Doug Leen who created the Square Tower image for Mesa Verde National Park in 2006, a poster done in the WPA style, but an original Leen design. Leen visited Square Tower, which has been closed to guests since about 1940. Square Tower is the tallest Ancient Puebloan structure and what the park wanted to emulate on their poster.

Cowgirls Rule!

Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame inductees for 2009 and the Heart of the West exhibition are happening now. The big gala is October 16. Leanne Goebel highlights a few of her favorites from the 42 artist being exhibited.