Christopher Knight explains Glenn Beck’s art criticism

The Glenn Beck art criticism story gets more convoluted and twisted and downright frightening. Just because it’s published and written doesn’t mean it’s factual or accurate. When will we learn to question everything that is sold to us as the truth? as law and gospel? as fact? Christopher Knight and explain.

Softcore porn on the Travel Channel

Bridget has a Masters Degree in Communications, but one would never know it by the dialogue on the show. Nothing is original, everything is clichéd and she doesn’t delve her mind deeper than the sand in which she digs her toes. “It’s so beautiful” was repeated about a dozen times in Spain.

The Stinks and Rapids: Is Art Important?

We need fewer artists doing the same thing and more artists pushing the boundaries stretched by artists from the past. We need independent voices willing to speak out and act as regulators of the marketplace—not regulators of the Art. We need critics willing to debate and stand up for what they believe. We need to recognize that there are artists all over the world quietly making interesting and challenging art, overlooked by the system and market.