It’s Here!

Check out the March 2008 issue of Cowboys & Indians magazine on newstands now! Pages 114-121 feature “Horse Dreams” a series of photographs by artist Jenny Gummersall with an essay by Leanne Goebel. The photo series is from the recently published book Horse Dreams, available from Zeal Art Publishing for $36 (+$4 shipping & handling). Order your copy today by emailing: or visit their website






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  1. Specific Environments: The Landscape as Metaphor « Art Writer Avatar

    […] Photographer Jenny Gummersall envisions innuendo as well in her abstract equine landscape photographs. The playful, yet serious aesthetic quality of her work was something I also wanted to explore in this exhibition. It is not necessary for art to be academic and cryptic. It can be accessible, yet rich in beauty and meaning. One of the things I admire most about Gummersall’s work is how she makes the ordinary look extraordinary. In With Clouds and Mane Landscape Square the viewer does a double take. The physical landscape becomes an otherworldly landscape. It seems at once simple, but upon closer examination, the viewer realizes what they are seeing, challenging their initial myths and memories. […]


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