Pagosa Predictions, Four Corners Business Journal, Jan. 3-15, 2006

The Business Journal asked leaders in Pagosa Springs, Colorado what they predicted to be the most important event, development or happening, or what they hoped to see happen in 2006 in Pagosa Springs. Their responses are listed below.

“When we look back on 2006, in 5, 10, 25 years, what will stand out will be the emergence of a collaboration of Town and County governments, businesses, nonprofits, and individual people to create a sustainable vision for our community.”

Michael Whiting, Director
Southwest Land Alliance

“My first prediction is that Leslie Tottenhoff and I will marry on January 7, 2006. Parelli will start construction on our new corporate headquarters in Aspen Village. Parelli Natural Horsemanship University, a public education nonprofit foundation will launch in the fall of 2006. Seeds of learning will break ground on their new facility. Funding will become available to study the creation of a cultural arts center in the down town area. The Mankind project will hold an informational presentation meeting on January 7 that will change how all men and women will relate to each other and the rest of the world. Land conservation in our county will become a required portion of every land development request made to Town and County Officials. Town and County officials will adopt development impact fees that will support the infrastructure costs that development creates. The number of American troops in Iraq will be reduced by one-half and the seeds of democracy will flourish.”

Mark Weiler, President
Parelli Natural Horsemanship

“I hope to see a strong market and business arena for 2006. The tourist sector of the business economy will be fueled by numerous events this year starting mid-June and going strong until mid-September. I hope to see a lot of community involvement with all of the activities planned. With the addition of a music festival, bike tour, and all events having either a face-lift or new concept, I hope that the community will see new opportunities to get involved and experience the fun of Pagosa.

In addition to the visitor side of the business, the Chamber is planning more business seminars and several new and timely ways to disseminate information to our members. We plan to be a stronger business resource for our members and to create lots of events and opportunities on our own and with other organizations to make the whole year memorable.”

Mary Jo Coulehan, Director
Pagosa Springs Chamber of Commerce

“Adoption of the comprehensive plan and the downtown master plan will be the most important accomplishments for Pagosa Springs in 2006. Pagosa will continue to become more visible on the national radar screen.”

David J. Brown, Developer, Philanthropist, community member
Bootjack Ranch

“I hope to see continued growth and success for all of our students in the schools. We are proud of our teachers and especially proud of what they have accomplished over the last year. I predict there will be many exciting adventures for our students in 20006 and encourage parent to join us in this journey.”

Duane Noggle, Superintendent
Archuleta 50 Joint School District

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