Face to Face at DAM: Portraits up Close as seen on adobeairstream.com

Face to Face is not merely a show about the many ways to draw a face, that’s oversimplistic. It’s an exhibition of work that challenges identity and representation, filled with the work of subjects portraying subjects with all their fractured and complex elements. By looking at these images we know more about the artist, the subject and ourselves. Or as Heinrich said: “A portrait is always a face with a soul. What makes a face a portrait is the intention or wish of the artist to capture some of the soul. The artist is trying to tell us the character and charm of the person.”

From Visual Arts Source: Face to Face, David Kroll on the fragility of humanity and nature, and Love Lines

David Kroll, “Egret on Small Globe,” 2009, oil on canvas, 28 x 32″, at Robischon Gallery. Continuing through April 17, 2010 Robischon Gallery Denver, Colorado David Kroll paints with the touch of an Old Master. Refined layers of oil on canvas, linen and paper are applied to capture not only the exquisite light of a…