Ed Ranney New World Landscapes at DAM and Brendan Tang at Plus Gallery

Leanne Goebel writes about Edward Ranney at the Denver Art Museum and interviews Brendan Tang for adobeairstream.com.

The Price of Being Damien Hirst from adobeairstream.com

Scotland Yard says the theft was a stunt for publicity. But any more so than Hirst’s diamond encrusted skull was a stunt for publicity and to inflate the value of his art before his “Beautiful Inside My Head Forever” direct-to-auction sale at Sotheby’s?

The Stinks and Rapids: Is Art Important?

We need fewer artists doing the same thing and more artists pushing the boundaries stretched by artists from the past. We need independent voices willing to speak out and act as regulators of the marketplace—not regulators of the Art. We need critics willing to debate and stand up for what they believe. We need to recognize that there are artists all over the world quietly making interesting and challenging art, overlooked by the system and market.

Damien Hirst–hypocrit

From two recent stories: one from The Independent in the UK and one from Artinfo.com. It seems that Damien Hirst is demanding recompense from a teenage artist who used images of Hirst’s diamond encrusted skull titled For the Love of God in collage paintings he sells on his website. Below is from The Independent: 16-year-old’s…

No More Glitzy Art?

IS GLITZY ART ON THE WAY OUT? Prices aren’t the only thing different about the art on offer at ABMB [Art Basel Miami Beach] this year: tough economic conditions have also influenced what many dealers have brought and what many collectors are buying. Eventually, the times may also affect what art is made. In a…

Damien Hirst at Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

Opening Friday, October 10! Above: Damien Hirst, Saint Sebastian, Exquisite Pain, 2007 (detail), glass, steel, bullock, arrows, crossbow bolts and formaldehyde solution, 126 3/4 x 61 1/4 x 61 1/4 inches. Courtesy of the Goss-Michael Foundation.Photo by Prudence Cuming Associates. © Damien Hirst. MCA DENVER presents Damien Hirst’s signature works, including Saint Sebastian, Exquisite Pain,…