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  • Innovation in Art Criticism from adobeairstream.com

    Innovation in Art Criticism from adobeairstream.com

    This piece was recently picked up by ArtsJournal. Last September, I was invited as guest art critic to give an update on the status of art criticism in the digital age to the Art Student’s League of Denver. (Fellow panelists were Denver dealer Ivar Zeile and artist/blogger Theresa Anderson.) In the past seven years more than…

  • Face to Face at DAM: Portraits up Close as seen on adobeairstream.com

    Face to Face is not merely a show about the many ways to draw a face, that’s oversimplistic. It’s an exhibition of work that challenges identity and representation, filled with the work of subjects portraying subjects with all their fractured and complex elements. By looking at these images we know more about the artist, the…

  • The NEA was wrong, but so are the Republicans. Let’s move on.

    The right may feel the need to tell their followers sitting in a church pew what to do and for whom to vote, but the thing about most creatives is that they are not followers, they don’t fit into molds, they are non-conformists, they are free-spirits. They are going to do their own thing.

  • Christopher Knight explains Glenn Beck’s art criticism

    The Glenn Beck art criticism story gets more convoluted and twisted and downright frightening. Just because it’s published and written doesn’t mean it’s factual or accurate. When will we learn to question everything that is sold to us as the truth? as law and gospel? as fact? Christopher Knight and Salon.com explain.