William Metcalf’s Infinity Series was on display at Charlotte Jackson in July. Using fabric to bridge the world between painting and sculpture, these objects explore the basic elements of space and the play of light against and within that space.

William Metcalf
Infinity Series #44, 2008
Acrylic, Polyester fabric, wood, DiBond 162WM

The photographs do not do justice to this work. Click here to watch a video that helps show the dimensional depth of this work.

The paintings hang flat against the wall, but are like shadow boxes, a thin veil separating one painting from another. Metcalf calls them paintings and says they represent a turning point in his career. The translucency of polyester allows for a variety of effects in the space between the fabric and the wall, allowing the viewer to include this interior space as part of the painting. In this work, Metcalf takes this idea a giant step further.

The most surprising thing is the way he uses three-dimensional form to flatten space. The effects of each work vary depending upon where the viewer is standing.

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