Quilting for their Lives

In a remote village in the Thar desert of Pakistan, the women are primarily Hindu in a Muslim country. Not only that, but they are from the bottom of the untouchable caste system. They have very few options in life for what they can do to earn a living. Most of the women are illiterate and are forbidden to travel without their husbands or a male relative. The men dye cotton and the women take that cotton and stitch together brightly patterned Ralli quilts. They embroider, appliqué, and adorn their creations with bits of mirror, sequins, shells and beads. The patterns are based on ancient textile traditions dating back thousands of years.

First English speaking film made in Pakistan in 30 years directed by a woman

Khan left Lahore in 2007 to finish editing the film because the city was often without electricity. Her furniture is still in storage in Lahore. She was hoping to purchase the home where she shot some of the film. She was hoping to be able to remain part-time in Pakistan.