Regan Rosburg: The Understory exhibition essay for David B. Smith Gallery

Regan Rosburg is inspired by the humble network of life that proliferates on the forest floor, in the shade, beneath the canopy of trees that sore above, blocking out the precious sunlight. The artist collects objects and insects from the deciduous forest of Northeastern Tennessee where she lives on a small farm with her fiancé. Regan left her native Colorado for Tennessee a little more than a year ago. Sheʼs inspired by her surroundings and the sound of her rooster talking to his hens. These recent works created for “Understory” reflect how those changes in her life are influencing her creative work.


Matt Magee at Eight Modern in Santa Fe

:Anagram: by Matt Magee From Eight Modern Gallery: New York artist Matt Magee creates graphic systems of language based on an internal, undefined lexicon of shapes and colors. His art is inspired by his Texas childhood, much of which was spent accompanying his geologist father to sites of Native American ruins and pictographs throughout the…

Disturbed and Disturbing, Durango Herald, Feb. 22, 2008

Artist explores fraying center in DAC Library Gallery Show Kevin Bell’s oil, “Mountains,” on display this month at the Durango Arts Center Library, shows the painter’s use of blank space to emphasize what he decides to depict. It is part of his “Land Objects” series. Bell’s “Domestic Disturbances” series of paintings emphasizes the calm of…