Pissing On (or Near) Art at the Clyfford Still Museum from adobeairstream.com

First, there was Duchamp’s “Fountain,” and since then piss, dung, feces, even menstrual blood have been handy tools of art. Andy Warhol made piss paintings and Andres Serrano pissed off the Catholic Church with his recently damaged “Piss Christ.” Unfortunately, it appears that Carmen Tisch’s recent drunken escapade at the Clyfford Still Museum was nothing more…

Clyfford Still: Part Menace and Yes, Part Majesty from adobeairstream.com

But the question remains, though, once the school field trips come and go, and the novelty of the new wears off, will this museum with its $10 admission price be appealing to a public with a millisecond attention span more interested in snapping photos with their smartphones than actually spending a sustained time looking at the paintings as Still wanted? With an art viewing public that can go to art fairs for a viewing hypermarket, is there a contemporary art lover capable of seeing the majesty in Clyfford Still’s vision?