Place-less-ness in Suburbia at GOCA Colorado Springs from

The downtown annex of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Gallery of Contemporary Artis featuring Phil Bender, Christopher Coleman and Michael Salter, Michael Whiting exploring the cultural phenomenon of conformity and sameness found in the American suburbs otherwise known as “placelessness”. According to the press release: “As people increase their mobility, they identify less…

Specific Environments: The Landscape as Metaphor

Specific Environments: The Landscape as Metaphor was conceived as the dynamism of visual forces, unearthing art that is actionable, and objects that ask the viewer to step away from the obvious and move toward the enigmatic, yet not arcane. The goal was to bring together artists whose works are not merely handmade copies of nature, but who use landscape, nature, and the land to enter into a discourse of contemporary issues of our time: environmental degradation, consumption, myth, memory, and perception, and the intersection of technology and terrain, both internal and external.