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  • Finding a Way to Write About Art

    Finding a Way to Write About Art

    What is asked of me as an art writer and critic today, is not why I became an art writer and critic. In this time of great transition in media, art and business, there are more media venues than ever filled with everything from drivel to genius. More and more people are writing about art…

  • John McEnroe in Art Ltd. Magazine

    John McEnroe in Art Ltd. Magazine

    john mcEnroe by leanne haase goebel Mar 2013 An abandoned mining area above the town of Ward, Colorado, inspired John McEnroe’s most recent body of work, Half Life, currently on view at Robischon Gallery in Denver, in a solo show thematically connected with four other artist’s solo shows, under the curatorial title: “Object | Nature.”…

  • Roland Bernier artist profile from Art Ltd. magazine

    Roland Bernier artist profile from Art Ltd. magazine

    Bernier intentionally did not affiliate with the early conceptual artists using text to make art, such as Ed Ruscha or Lawrence Weiner, or with Pop Art, for that matter. Bernier considers himself an original, unaffiliated with any movement or group. His work contains limited thematic content; one of the most striking elements of his practice…

  • Dena Schuckit Profile from Art Ltd. Magazine

    Schuckit grew up in San Diego, went to college in Santa Cruz then moved briefly to New York before settling in San Francisco, and a thirteen-year career as a master printer at Crown Point Press. Today she lives in London, where in 2008 she completed her MA in painting at Central Saint Martins College of…

  • Jenny Morgan profile from Art Ltd. Magazine

    Jenny Morgan makes portraiture challenging, cool and now by fucking it up. A graduate of the School of the Visual Arts and studio assistant to Marilyn Minter, Morgan is forging her own artistic path.