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    • Leanne,

      I have sent you a few fb messages, so hopefully this is not perceived as stalking, Yikes I would not want you to think that! Really all I want to do is thank you for tour entirely wonderful review of the show at Artpace. You struck all the notes as to what the exhibition meant to address and I couldn’t be more appreciative of the coverage in terms of immense knowledge and generous ability to translate that to readers /viewers/collectors artists, even curators. Thank you.

      And to be honored by a second piece about the Dikeou Collection . . . Wow unbelievable. Thank you, once more. it is a gem of a piece about a place/collection that aspires to being some archetypal model for the needs surrounding the emerging art scene, in all its colors.

      I would love to communicate my thanks to you in a more traditional way. If you wouldn’t mind passing me your snail mail regular email, I would be ever so grateful.




  2. Hello,

    Just wondering if you do any type of Artist Statement reviews? I’m in need of a review of my artist statement as I am not an art writer and even more unfortunately english is not my first language. Please let me know!



    • Yes. I am available to help with artist statements. Contact me for more information at artsjournalist at mac dot com. I use an in-depth interview process and will collaborate with you to create the best statement possible. My fees are reasonable $250 for the complete artist statement package.


  3. Hello Leanne,
    I have a painting in the Landscape as Metaphor show. I will be flying in to Fort Collins for the opening, arriving the evening of Dec 8. I’m hoping you will have a little time to have a conversation between then and Sunday, before I fly back to Portland, Oregon.

    I’d like to take in as much art and wilderness as I can in those three days.

    All best,

    Jef Gunn


  4. Hi Leanne, heard you speak at Click Wyoming on Cosmopolitan Regionalism and have been running on inspiration ever since, watching the YouTube of you presentation and trying to figure out where that is leading me. Thanks for bringing it all into perspective for me.


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