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  • Chinati: Judd’s Concrete’s Re-open

    Today, everything within the walls of the art world, from the educational language spouted by museums to the highly intellectualized language of the critics seems pedantic and purple. …Writing about art was not a job for Judd, it was a declaration and a manifesto.

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    Recent articles written by Leanne Goebel published at include “Chicken Shack Village” at BMOCA, Christoph Heinrich name director of Denver Art Museum, Embrace!, and the re opening of Donald Judd’s concrete works in Marfa, TX

  • The Stinks and Rapids: Is Art Important?

    We need fewer artists doing the same thing and more artists pushing the boundaries stretched by artists from the past. We need independent voices willing to speak out and act as regulators of the marketplace—not regulators of the Art. We need critics willing to debate and stand up for what they believe. We need to…

  • Reaction to Space at Gallerie Urbane, Marfa

    Monica Goldsmith Jason Willaford and Ted Larsen Gail Peter Borden Rebecca Rothfus and Jason Willaford “Reaction to Space” at Gallerie Urbane in Marfa, TX features gallery artists, Gail Peter Borden, a former Chinati Artist-In-Resident, Ted Larsen, a recent recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Award and Marfa artist Jason Willaford, with visiting artists, Monica Goldsmith, recently added…

  • Meth Lab Alchemy at Ballroom Marfa

    Entering the “Hello Meth Lab in the Sun” exhibit at Ballroom Marfa is like entering a bad movie set. It is pure fakery down to the plastic chicken hanging from the burned out kitchen oven—and that is why this show works. The exhibit is a labyrinth of assembled rooms, hallways, closets and observation platforms created…